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Heart-lung Disease. It’s a brick wall to bang your head against; something you can’t escape. When you can’t breathe properly everything is difficult. Everything you do is affected by it every minute of every day. There are no holidays and no time off for good behavior.

This is the ‘heart-lung thing’ blog. A chronicle of life as a young Australian woman with a disability.

It may not always be exciting – I mean let’s face it, I’m Thirty, single, and unemployed with an as-yet unfinished tertiary education. Most days I struggle to get up and get dressed, let alone leave the house and pursue some kind of interesting life. And romance? Bah! Forget it. I’m too old and grumpy to put up with such nonsense, and falling in love makes my heart beat erratically.

In ten years time (if I live that long) I’ll be the weird disabled lady on the mobility scooter who grumpily beeps at you from behind when you are going for your daily ten kilometer jog. The one with the tiny, creepy-looking, hairless dog that growls and snaps at your fingers when you try to pat it.

But I like to think weird disabled scooter lady has a somewhat interesting story to tell. And sometimes, she might even manage to spout something vaguely insightful about a life lived on the fringe, in a nation where people seem to worry more about ‘welfare cheats’ and ‘queue jumpers’  than they do about social justice and equality.

She might. Or she might decide to put in a post about Persian cat paraphernalia instead. Sorry.

In any case,  this is it. This is the blog.


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  1. Hey there,

    Love your blog!

    IDEAS has a blog that focuses on disability, and would like to have you as one of our guest bloggers.

    Please send me an email if you’re interested.

    Cheers! 🙂

  2. Hi, I read your latest article on ramp up last night re issues re disability and trying to get real paid employment. I also read the three comments posted too. I posted a comment re developing a small business oneself instead of bothering with the ordinary world of work as I am experienced in doing this. In fact have just committed myself to developing my a small business for myself in the online world in these last few weeks. I do know it will take me at least a year before it begins to bear a little money fruit but I just also got so sick of trying to make it in the physical world of work and coping on the DSP. I also said in my ramp up comment that would like to offer a free workshop to other people with a disability who might be interested. Anyway they haven’t put it up, but if you would like to have a chat, particularly re all the opportunities in much of the free new media to build a comprehensive online profile and so ultimately a small paying business (in your own areas of experience and interests), then very happy to email or skype a bit and to just share what I know. Up to you, but clearly you ought be on $100,000 + just as we all ought, instead of having to try and cope with just surviving, let alone living, on the DSP. Best regards, Kat

  3. Hey you write really well. Please keep going.
    (this is from a physio, as in – “you’re doing well, keep going,one more lap”.)


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