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The Flow Chart: life in arrows and boxes (try it, it’s fun!)

Yesterday, while I was at the Addison Road Community Center Fruit and Vegetable Markets, my car broke down, yet again. I waited for the tow truck in the car-park, sipping excellent Chai and watching my vegetables wilt. Eventually, two things happened as a result of boredom and abject depression over the state of my car:

1. I started cleaning up various items of junk that have accumulated in my car over the months, from which I compiled a nice stash of scrap-paper in the form of old bills and receipts.

2. After I had finished taking several plastic water bottles to the recycle center, I was still bored and depressed, so I decided to kill time and use up the scrap paper by designing a flow chart about everything that is wrong with my life.

Happy times, folks, happy times.

Okay. So what I discovered, is that flow charts are harder than I thought! After several attempts aimed at decreasing the crazy amount of arrows zipping in all kinds of wacky directions, I decided the problems relating to disability could not be summed up in four or five little boxes with an orderly, singular, progression of arrows.

Disability is complex, dammit!

So I persisted with the aforementioned ‘crazy style’ flow chart, pictured below, but added some lovely colours in Paint when I got home. Click on it to make the interweaving strands of economic, cultural, and social marginalization in your life larger and easier to read. Enjoy!


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