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The Inaugural Entry

A couple of thoughts on the colour blue:

First of all, when I walk too fast the diseased arteries in my lungs don’t allow me enough oxygen, and quite often, my lips turn blue. I’m forever having strangers in the street tell me what lovely blue lipstick I’m wearing.

That’s me: the unintentional goth.

Another thing about blue – there is a particular shade of it that seems to be everywhere lately. At least I think it is. But then perhaps I only see it so often only because I’ve started looking for it.

Its a sort of pale blue; sky blue, but not quite. It is in advertising, fashion, and in those cutesy fuax-vintage shops that seem to have popped up everywhere over the last five years. It’s the colour of some bedsheets I bought recently, and today, walking down the street , I turned my head to watch a new-looking car in this particular shade of blue drive by.

It’s blue like the sky, but there’s a shininess to it – a synthetic quality, as if people don’t quite believe in a real sky any more. As if a polyester dream of sky is enough.

If it is some kind of colour trend, I like it.

However, if I like blue, I don’t necessarily like people telling me I’m wearing blue lipstick. If you ever see someone walking down the street who looks like they’re wearing blue lipstick, my advice is to not say anything. Just in case it’s me.


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